Building consumer trust

within the organic sector

The rise of organic producs within many business sectors (food, clothing, cosmetics etc.), is undoubtedly a positive sign of our societies' attempts to become more sustainable. However, it has also raised distrust amongst consumers.


Recent studies have revealed that many consumers doubt that the organic products in todays supermarket are "truely" organic. 


Is "organic" not only that little green label on my kiwi which makes it cost 10 Cents more?


Consumer are insecure. The organic products they see in the supermarkets are, most of the time, smaller and less pretty on the one hand whilst being more expensive than conventional foods on the other hand.



Only 27% of German consumers believe that the organic products in the supermarkets are "trulely" organic.



Organic produce is on average 30-60% more expensive than conventional food.



Organic produce only accounts for 5% (approx. 10 bn €) of the food revenue in German supermarkets.

the solution: organic matters

organic matters sets the spotlight on the people who produce our food.

My stories, photos and films create authentity and credibility throughout the organic sector.

With passion and creativity I link producers, traders and consumers, projects and investors, funds and donors.